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Welcome to my website. I am a young Post-doc in plant science. My work aims at understanding how environmental stresses affect plant physiology and identifying innovative traits that allow adapted crops/genotypes to improve their tolerance strategies and to maintain an economically viable yield under stress conditions. I can define myself as a plant physiologist who examines the bases of exceptional stress tolerance through the investigation of underlying physiological mechanisms. This approach allows to unravel the mechanistic basis of highly promising traits and to refine targets for further genetic investigations. I also acquired crop modeling skills to validate new traits over large range of environments.

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Universite catholique de Louvain Earth and life institute
Croix du Sud 2 bte L7.05.14 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium

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Yield comparison of simulated rainfed wheat and barley across Middle-East - 2017
Schoppach R, Soltani A, Sinclair TR, Sadok W
Agricultural Systems

Pot binding as a variable confounding plant phenotype. Theoretical derivation and experimental observations - 2016
Sinclair TR, Manandhar A, Shekoofa A, Rosas-Anderson P, Bagherzadi L, Schoppach R, Sadok W, Rufty T

Transpiration sensitivity to evaporative demand across 120 years of breeding of Australian wheat cultivars - 2016
Schoppach R, Fleury D, Sinclair T, Sadok W
Journal of Agronomy and Crop science

Nighttime evaporative demand induces plasticity in leaf and root hydraulic traits - 2016
Claverie E, Schoppach R, Sadok W
Physiologia plantarum

High resolution mapping of traits related to whole-plant transpiration under increasing evaporative demand in wheat - 2016
Schoppach R, Taylor JD, Majerus E, Claverie E, Baumann U, Suchecki R, Fleury D, Sadok W
Functional Plant Biology

Genotype-dependent influence of night-time vapour pressure deficit on night-time transpiration and daytime gas exchange in wheat - 2014
Schoppach R, Claverie E, Sadok W
Functional Plant Biology

Conservative water use under high evaporative demand associated with smaller root metaxylem and limited trans-membrane water transport in wheat - 2014
Schoppach R, Wauthelet D, Jeanguenin L, Sadok W
Functional Plant Biology

Transpiration sensitivities to evaporative demand and leaf areas vary with night and day warming regimes among wheat genotypes - 2014
Schoppach R, Sadok W
Functional Plant Biology

Differential sensitivities of transpiration to evaporative demand and soil water deficit among wheat elite cultivars indicate different strategies for drought tolerance. - 2012
Schoppach R, Sadok W
Environmental and Experimental


Physiological and genetic bases of water-saving traits in wheat -
Schoppach R
Université catholique de Louvain


1 - Night temperature effects on transpiration response to atmospheric drought and leaf area in wheat. Interdrought IV conference, Perth, Western Australia. - 2014


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